Hey all well it has been a year since I started working full time for Timtech.

It has been a great year.  I have certainly learned alot from some really great people.  Thanks to all the people who have helped me over the last year.  You all know who you are.  Keep up the great work.  Keep sending me those support tickets and I will do my best to answer them as quick and as courteous as possible.

Stayed tuned as I plan to update and make this blog better over the coming month and for those I offended by sharing your tickets I am sorry and I will not be sharing them anymore.  I was just trying to let you all know what goes on in my life but some people did not like that so again I am sorry.

Till Next Time

Larry “timtech support guy” Dame III

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  1. Sergio Felix says:

    Well you didn't share any tickets from me so it's all good! lol

    Besides my tickets were just ListLaser promotions if I remember correctly so nothing to hide 😛


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