Wow it is September 1st already

So the summer isnt officially over but it is September 1st and here in RI the kids are all going back to school.

I am gonna change up what is on my blog post and what I blog about since my time spent online is much less than it used to be. I will say the 1300 or so of you that follow my blog. If you follow it for traffic exchange wisdom and news let me tell you being that I no longer am employed by Timtech, so the amount of TE talk will be minimal. I am gonna change things up (yes yet again) and write about those things that I am passionate about.

So what is it I am passionate about well in a nutshell:

1. My Faith
2. My Life
3. Those things that I enjoy in life in the downtimes.

So the first one my faith. I am one who defines himself as Christian. What does this mean? It means I am a follower of Christ. Does this mean I don’t screw up and make mistakes? Nope but I do strive each day to do those things that please God. I have found in the last couple of months with all the changes in my life that being passionate about politics and other idle talk 2 Timothy 2:14-16.esv doesnt really matter. If you dont have a true foundation in what I consider the most important thing (Jesus and his teachings in the Bible) than I am not gonna change your mind when it comes to politics and other things. I have learned that we all have opinions and are entitled to them. That is what makes this country that I live in such a great country. My faith is very important and I will not be ashamed of what it is I believe and I can only hope that those things that God has taught me over the summer (and continues to teach me each day) he can use in your life.

It has not been an easy summer. Lots of different things have happened in my life (which I will not go into detail here) but losing my Job at Timtech was a great eye opener and a wake up call. I struggled with many different feelings about it for awhile. But I eventually realized that it was the best thing for me and Timtech. Do I miss the paycheck and the interaction I had daily with the team at Timtech and all you awesome customers YES. But I hold no ill feelings toward anyone at Timtech and will continue to be a supporter and not a hater of anything they do. I can tell you that Tim, Jon, Justin and all the people at Timtech have a passion to help people online succeed and become successful. I have learned that no matter what happens good or bad in life is not because of the Almighty God it is because of things that I have to hold myself responsible for. I took advantage of the oppurtunity they gave me at times and realize now that there were many factors but first and foremost it was about the job I was not doing. I am very grateful for all the fun times we had as a team and for all that I learned. As that job prepared me for what I am doing now and enabled me to get the Job I currently have.

My current job is working at AMWINS, which in a nutshell is a company that works in many aspects of the insurance world, but I am working specifically right now with retirees and helping them with their benefit selections. It truly is a rewarding job. I enjoy it because I am helping people understand what the different options they have in the very complex medicare supplement market. I can say that it is just as entertaining at times as it was at Timtech, but the great thing about it is that I work in a cubicle and around people that are all doing the same thing as I am and swapping stories about our phone calls makes for some fun and interesting times (of course the amazing view of Narragansett Bay doesnt hurt either).

Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay

The company truly cares about their employees and their customers. It truly is a breathe of fresh air in the insurance marketplace. This company is growing and why because they understand what is important. First they appreciate their employees and second in this world of insurance they realize taking the extra time to help and assist the retirees is very important

So with all that I say (yes i still have adhd but the medicine i am currently on is helping immensely) I am gonna talk about what it is that I am doing now in life. Sometimes it may be about some new app I am using on my phone, sometimes it may be something that God is doing in my life, sometimes it maybe about those things in life I enjoy (currently enjoying a Cigar, Beer and My Sports Teams) So if these things are not things that interest you please feel free to stop following me.

Till next time
God Bless

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